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TNK-BP's second anniversary approaches

Two years in the life of a new company is not long. However, as TNK-BP's second anniversary approaches, we feel it is the right time to look back and assess what has been done, how it was done and what still remains to be done. Since its incorporation in August 2003, TNK-BP's business performance has been improving steadily.

We continue to implement best practice and we are introducing modern technology across the Company to further enhance our performance. We are also making important contributions in the regions where we operate, emphasizing TNK-BP's commitment to being a socially responsible corporate citizen of Russia.

While doing all this, we never forget who stands behind our remarkable success. TNK-BP's staff are a critical key to its growth as a company. According to our corporate philosophy, each employee's contribution is important and valuable. We want this business to operate on a long-term basis and that is why we profoundly appreciate the professionalism and dedication of our staff. We also understand that if we want to build on this success, we need to continue investing in people.

There are many initiatives already happening to develop the skills and competence of our staff. Some of the leadership and non-technical programs are referred to by Clark Cridland on page 35. There are many HSE training courses being run within TNK-BP and new HSE standards being implemented.

The purpose of the articles in this edition of Innovator is to highlight some of the work going on with technical skills development and young specialists. The central theme of this issue of Innovator highlights our efforts to provide excellence where it matters most – in human resources.

Providing top-quality training to staff is the best way to achieve this goal. The Company offers plenty of multi-level growth opportunities to each and every member of the 100,000-strong staff. Among other programs on our agenda, we provide scholarships to help talented students learn their petroleum ABCs, we train oilfield personnel to adapt to and implement new technologies, we offer courses for mid-level asset managers to optimize business operations, and we send business leaders and specialists on secondments in Russia and abroad to hone their skills before assuming new, more responsible duties.

Individual and corporate growth are inseparable. Our business benefits from our personal strengths, our people truly are the Company's distinguishing asset. Working at TNK-BP means you can still learn and grow and be an important part in a unique assembly of outstanding individuals. So, grab your opportunity and enjoy being part of our team!

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