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ЛУКОЙЛ Оверсиз

Направления деятельности:

Охрана труда и техника безопасности

Регионы работы:

за пределами России


The Role:

PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: West Qurna-2 Field, Basra, Iraq


Main Responsibilities:
•Scheduling of functions, preparation of reports and timely delivery of all required executive documentation to the Emergency Rescue Service Management.
•Conducting drills with squad staff.
•Development of firefighting operation plans for building, structures and outdoor plants.
•Participation in containment and elimination of fires, oil spills, gas leaks and other emergencies.
•Providing of well coordinated and safe work of the squad during fires, accidents and other natural and man-induced emergencies.
•Monitoring of facilities: ◦supervision of management and safe execution of gas-hazardous and fire works.
◦air sampling of work areas in intrafield facilities.
◦inspections of facilities, sites, plants. Report generation.
◦development of fire prevention activities aimed to increase fire safety level of facilities.

Special expertise and skills:
•Have general knowledge on burning processes, fundamentals of flame suppression, physical/chemical properties of hazardous substances and materials used in facilities of oil and gas industry.
•Be aware of and be able to implement fire fighting tactics with different characteristics both in facilities of oil and gas industry and other facilities (motor transport, aviation industry, office and residential buildings, electric plants etc).
•Be aware of function and characteristics of main and special fire vehicles and special equipment.
•Be aware of and be able to implement all methods of operation of special units and gear installed to fire vehicle, maintenance and testing specifics, delivery of fire extinguishing agents to site of fire, accident and other emergencies.

•Be aware of function, design, scope of application and characteristics of available fire fighting hardware, safety precautions, terms and procedure of testing, execution of required documentation based on testing results.
•Be aware of radio communication rules and procedures, be able to use radio communication equipment (manpack and mobile radio stations).
•Have practical skills of using SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and be able to determine the following: work time at fire point and time of expected return, pressure spent for going to fire point and back, reference pressure for escape to fresh air. Have experience of work with SCBA, be aware of characteristics by Draeger, Secoba and Spiromatic types, maintain their operational condition and be able to manage maintenance.
•Be aware of MAC, lower and upper explosion limits and also physical/chemical properties and effect to human body of main dangerous, hazardous and toxic substances typical for oil and gas industry (methane, propane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, sulfur anhydrite sulfurous anhydride, mercaptans, hydrogen sulphide, methanol,crude oil and petroleum products etc).
•Be aware of anatomy and physiology of main human organs, signs and è principles of extinction and recovery of vital function of body, respiration and blood circulatory system, resuscitation phases and be able to provide paramedical first aid: ◦cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and clearing the airway;
◦artificial lung ventilation;
◦traumas: head, chest, stomach, spine, disjunction and fracture of bones, injuries and wounds;
◦injured person transportation rules;
◦immobilize, twist tourniquets, bandages;
◦first aid in case of heat injury, chemical and thermal burns;
◦intoxication CPR;
◦diagnostics of injured person, diagnostics specifics and procedure.

•EDUCATION:Higher or secondary professional fire engineering education.
•DISCIPLINE:Fire Protection or Fire Safety Engineer (Technical Expert).
•FOREIGN LANGUAGE: English (Intermediate and up).
•PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND:Work experience: not less than 7 years in fire service including 3 years in middle level leadership position (relieving officer).

E-mail: aleksandr.igoshin@lukoil-overseas.com

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