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QA Lead Engineer

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Экология и охрана окружающей среды

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Сахалин и курильские острова
Вакансии Staffwell


- higher education with a BS in Engineering Science or equivalent is preferred;
- professional knowledge of requirements to implementation, maintenance and inspection of ISO9001; and
- competence in development and implementation of quality management systems.

Personal qualities:
• strong and committed team member;
• attention to details, proficient written and verbal communication skills;
• ability to meet the agreed timeframes;
• ability to interface with, and influence a wide variety of employees, including management, staff, and contractors; and
• ability to work independently and proactively.

1.4 The minimal previous work experience under the specialty shall be 10 years in the oil and gas industry.
2. Employee’s Responsibilities

Job Description:
2.1 manage the development of the Project Engineering Management System, generate processes and documentation, develop / revise the effective manuals and implementation procedures; ensure that the effective internal (Company) and external (Contractor) interaction schemes are documented in the Project Engineering Management System;
2.2 raise employees’ awareness on the company’s Integrated Project Management System (iPMS); provide scalable alignment of iPMS methods in the Project Engineering Management System;
2.3 deliver introductory presentations on implementation of new/revised methods of the Project Engineering Management System;
2.4 coordinate the activities to improve the Asset Projects Quality Management System, ensure the compliance with ISO9001:2008 requirements, assist in obtaining ISO9001 certificate by the mid-2015 in accordance with the programme; and be responsible for the certificate renewal;
2.5 plan, control and coordinate the activities to develop the annual Asset Projects Improvement Plan, be responsible for introduction of improvement opportunities to enhance the quality of the Asset Projects.
2.6 develop, introduce and assist in the implementation of After-Action Review (AAR) programme and processes, including Implementation Project Assurance Review; develop experience generation and sharing processes as part of continuous improvement initiatives; be responsible for the performance of economic and technical feasibility review of the project and self-assessment;
2.7 assist QA Manager and, if required, Asset Projects Leadership Team in quality issues;
2.8 actively participate in quality audit planning and support its performance as a Lead Auditor/Auditor; assist in the development of the auditors pool potential to perform audits as part of the Asset Projects Department activity;
2.9 assist in the performance (development and implementation) of Project Controls and Assurance Plan (PCAP) as part of the Asset Projects Department activity;
2.10 develop presentations and reports (jointly with QA Manager) for the Asset Projects Leadership Team, Production Directorate Leadership Team, Committee of Executive Directors and Technical Committee;
2.11 coordinate development of reports and take part in it, and, if required, deliver of presentation for the Asset Projects Leadership Team, Production Directorate Leadership Team, Committee of Executive Directors and Technical Committee;
2.12 participate in knowledge sharing network and share knowledge on standards used during company projects implementation; and
2.13 arrange delivery of training programmes for all department employees engaged in quality assurance process to ensure effective implementation of the assigned tasks.

3. Professional Skills and Competencies

The employee shall have the knowledge of:
 fundamentals of Health, Safety, Environment and Social Performance;
 methods, principles and practices of quality assurance/quality control, including statistical review and sampling;
 proficient computer skills (including, but not limited to, Windows, Office, Visio and Internet);
 excellent interpersonal communication skills to improve processes and meet the department’s project management objectives;
 effective interpersonal relationship building skills;
 effective interaction and cooperation with employees at all levels;
 general awareness of quality management systems, as well as understanding and support of continuous improvement and technological innovation concepts;
 bear administrative responsibility for two – three employees;
 be able to compare previous performance indications with current ones to identify development areas and balance quality assurance level with other activities, for instance, contract management, engineering support and procurement;
 conduct audits, including audit follow-up and closeout, develop audit reports and identify relevant corrective and preventive measures;
 be an excellent team player and have efficient claim settlement skills;
 be a multitasking professional with organisational skills;
 be able to do research and investigation, analyse problems and develop consistent and documented recommendations;
 Support Quality Control and Quality Assurance process.
 Network of standards applicable in the course of the projects implementation share knowledge.
 rules and norms of health and occupational safety, industrial sanitation, and fire protection;
 basic Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills;
 ability to use АНА, Travel and Expenses tools; and
Fluency in English

E-mail: nsuvorova@staffwell.com

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