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Operations Geologist

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Направления деятельности:

Бурение, Геология и геофизика, Геологоразведка

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Вакансии Staffwell


Operations Geologist

• During the planning phase, operations geologist puts together geotechnical programmes, which scope out all the geological information and requirements. They may also produce an predictedpressures report together with headquarter team.
• Supports for all geological operations, including liaising between the company and contractors. Assist with definition of scope of work/evaluation of geoscience related drilling tenders and contracts (wireline, mudlogging, coring. etc.)
• During the drilling phase, OG is the operator’s conduit for geological information to and from the wellsite, and between other interested parties such as different departments, partners and subcontractor operations teams. OG will be responsible for the quality assurance of all geoscience data acquired at the wellsite.
• OG incorporates tools required to geosteer and monitors well while being drillied. Geosteers horizontal drains & monitors coring & mud logging programs and ensures compliance of agreed methods & techniques on site with requirements..
• OG receives daily reports from the rigs, pass the most up to date information between the office team and the wellsite team, and attend daily and weekly meetings to brief technical and managerial staff.
• OG is also responsible for ensuring that all geological contractors mobilize at the correct time. 24 hour on call availability may also be required during certain stages of the operation.
• At the end of the well the operations geologist will finish the End of Well report with well result data.. Maintaining the digital and hard copy of all well files, including well proposals, geological operations data, service company reviews and post drill reports.
• Carries out study when assigned to address problems related to coring, geosteering, drilling & well performance and submits appropriate recommendations. Maintaining service company performance reviews and records


• Bachelor's or Specialist’s degree in Geological discipline or equivalent.
• International exposure
• Working level English is a requirement
• Suitability for a small Company environment
• 7+ years in the petroleum industry, with 2+ in managerial position.
• 3+ years in wellsite geology (including mudlogging)
• Exploration and previous office-based operations role experience is appreciated.
• Experience in the mudlogging, MWD/LWD and geosteering operations.
• Experience with low permeability sandstone reservoirs
• Experience in ERD projects and horizontal drilling operations
• Experience with well planning process for oil companies (writing “well prognoses”)
• Wellsite experience: interaction with directional drillers and other rigsite staff
• Wireline logging (PEX suite, CMR , Sonic scanner tools): planning, supervision, QC, interpretation

E-mail: npodnebesnaia@staffwell.com


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