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Field Procurement & Logistics Manager (Operator company)

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Направления деятельности:

Продажи и закупки (менеджмент), Склад и грузоперевозки (логистика), Управленцы и руководящий состав

Регионы работы:

Вакансии Staffwell


Field Procurement & Logistics Manager

General Requirements
 Experience in Supply Chain Activities (Purchasing, Logistics or Materials/Warehousing)
 Working level English is an advantage
 Suitability for a small international Company environment
 5 years of experience required

Main Duties
 Contribute in - implementation and maintenance of procurement, purchasing, logistics and -warehousing directives, rules and guidelines, in order to achieve the most cost-effective processes for the organization, leading to both educational and operational excellences
 Project stock levels and manage warehouse system
 Execute of purchasing processes, procurement and logistics directives, rules and guidelines / SOPs which should satisfy the Company’s operational process
 Market search and analysis, supplier relationship development and improvement
 Support of commercial end-to-end responsibility for negotiating and agreeing the best possible pricing and terms with the vendors confirmed by contracts within the Company’s directives, rules and guidelines; authorized to make autonomous commitments and execute purchase orders on behalf of the Company in order to achieve the most reasonable total cost
 Implement of procedures for procuring materials and services
 Ensures thorough and complete purchase and inventory records to provide accurate accounting of all purchased goods and services
 Processes to conclusion all disputed purchases of goods and services for the protection of the company and with fairness to the supplier

Skills & Knowledge
 A degree or professional qualification in a purchasing discipline or economics
 Good knowledge of cost estimation and commercial procurement
 Result-oriented
 Self-starter

Specific conditions
 Permament 5/2 schedule
 Ready to relocate to the “ХМАО”

E-mail: nsuvorova@staffwell.com

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