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RTG Group

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scope of objectives, activities and processes carried out by the employee assigned to this position and incorporated into the area of his personal responsibility – without continuous involvement of colleagues, line manager and / or subordinates
Expert support to regional drilling subdivisions regarding current operations-related technological issues. Coordinate decision-making process pertaining to technological solutions aimed at enhancement of drilling efficiency and reduction of non-productive time for:
• Bits
Coordinate introduction of new technologies related to drilling bits and HDD:
• an annual basis – to gather and consolidate BPR requirements in new technologies
• external technological monitoring of the market
• develop technical assignments for pilot projects introducing new technologies jointly with BPR
Support operations performed by the Drilling & Side-Tracking Sector Group:
• Develop and renew the Minimal Standard
• Develop & renew pre-qualification criteria
• Issue and update the lists of pre-qualification contractors
• Perform BPR technical audits
• Perform BPR pre-qualification and technical audits of the contractors
• Develop and revise commercial sectors of the Standard Contract
• Develop and revise contract strategies (long-term and short-term) and annual summaries of contracting campaigns.
Managing the Contractors’ efficiency in HDD and bits operations jointly with BPR and STEPS groups
Human Resources development:
• participation in issuance of centralized BPR personnel development plans
Expertise (specialized knowledge):
• Expert assessment and analysis of applicability of different systems, technologies and equipment related to HDD and drilling bits.
• well construction optimization by means of using advanced technologies, fluid system formulas and equipment related to HDD and drilling bits; issuance of feasibility studies
• project management related to HDD and drilling bits
Key skills:
• Project management
• Ability to effectively interact with representatives of different cultural / ethnic groups
• Advanced analytical / computing skills
• Excellent communication skills
Ability to perform the following functions:
• use efficiency management techniques to improve drilling operations;
• promote proposals for work efficiency enhancement in Company;
• ensure effective communication among Company Upstream operational and business development units;
• participation in training / company mentoring programs
• participation in expert support meetings, expert support and audits;
resolve complicated issues within tight timelines;

work experience:
• at least 10 years’ experience in drilling as an engineer and / or a technical specialist
• International work experience will be an advantage
Experience of dealing with contractors and service companies, awareness of factors determining work efficiency.

Computer proficiency:
advanced knowledge of software, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and Power Point etc…
advanced knowledge of software for engineering calculations used in drilling

E-mail: elena.fedorina@rtg-group.com


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