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Civil engineer

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Направления деятельности:

Инженерно-технический персонал ИТР, Инжиниринг, Нефтепереработка, Аудит и контроль качества

Регионы работы:

Вахтовый метод, Амурская область
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Basic Functions and Scope:

A civil engineer is responsible for using civil engineering background to plan and oversee various construction efforts in many different areas of this project. Also apply civil engineering principles to ensure that foundation, buildings and structures are constructed in the safest, sturdiest manner.

Tasks and Duties:
• Analyze various factors concerning civil construction job and analyze the process for completing the civil construction job every step of the way.
• Assist construction manager to plan the construction project that will be taking place in conjunction with the results they found due to their analysis of this project.
• Must inspect the product on daily basis to ensure that all rules, regulations and guidelines have been explicitly followed.
• Daily site check many times to ensure that the civil construction plan fits the location.
• Make any necessary changes follow the project from start to finish and ensure that civil construction procedure is being followed.
• Must use many different equations, applications and figures to ensure the proper procedure application. Use testing applications, drafting and design software, test devices and equipment, land surveying techniques and the metric system, to supervise civil activities.
• Analyze drawings and site problem and find proper solution in an effective and efficient manner, back up statements with reports, graphs, charts and surveys.
• CAD and graphics skills.
• Coordinate with designer to preparation of as-built drawings and related documentation for handover to client.
• Good communication skills to communicate effectively with individuals involved in the job


• Must be a Bachelor in Engineering
• Must have 8 years of experience in Oil & Gas Industry preferably Project base
• Must be computer literate
• Must have a Pleasant personality
• Strong profession Skills

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