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Engineer Avtor technadzor mechanical (Electrical Instrumentation)

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Minimum 5 years’ experience.
Diploma of electrical enginer.

Avtorsky Nadzor Specialist Professional Requirements

Professionals responsible for Avtorsky Nadzor supervision shall be provided with a safety briefing in accordance with the HSE Instructions.

Activities of the professionals responsible for Avtorsky Nadzor shall be documented on a Avtorsky Nadzor supervision log, while the identified exceptions from the design documentation, breaches of the process and requirements of the GOST SNIP and Practices for execution of work as well as instructions to remedy the identified breaches and remarks. A record on the log shall be also made when there is no remark.

The following shall be carried out in the course of Avtorsky Nadzor to implement corrective and preventive actions:

- spot checking for compliance of the construction and installation work in progress with the working documentation and the requirements of building code and practices;

- monitoring of compliance with the requirements specified under the design engineering documentation;

- spot inspection of quality and compliance with the process of work execution, compliance of the technology (SM – Statement of Method – PPR ) with the design requirements;

- monitoring of correctness, completeness, and promptness of amendments to the working documentation;

- maintenance of a field supervision log, regular control of performance under the instructions recorded on the log, the requirements for performance of work in full and in compliance with the design documentation;

- in case of failure to perform promptly or soundly the instructions to remedy of the identified defects, a repeated record shall be made on the log that the defects need to be remedied and this is specified in writing.

Professionals responsible for Avtorsky Nadzor shall be involved in:

- surveying, assessment, and issue of certificates for acceptance of works to be concealed by further operations and structures, which quality of performance affects the strength and stability of facilities being erected; in acceptance of certain critical structures in the course of construction.

Professionals responsible for Avtorsky Nadzor shall be empowered to:

- prohibit employment of structures, parts, items, building material and equipment failing to comply with the state standards, technical specifications, design, and other technical documentation;

- give instruction to stop execution of work when construction and installation operations are performed in breach of the design, technical specification, regulations concerning execution of construction and installation operations;

- where necessary, call for opening of particular assemblies and parts of a facility for inspection purposes. In this case, a certificate shall be made involving the customers and contractor of the work and a record shall be made on the field supervision log;

- submit proposals to improve quality and shorten the facility construction periods, upgrade the process of construction and installation operations. Make amendments and alterations to the design and estimate documentation in the established procedure.

- consider proposals and feasibility studies from construction and installation companies concerning replacement of the materials and structures or other exceptions from the design and, upon agreement with the customer, make amendments to the structural and material drawings through their own effort or refer the matter to the management. Amendments to the design of structures supporting a facility and fundamental design solutions using computations shall be made by the designer company.


Уважаемые соискатели! Большая просьба обязательно прикладывать к отклику:
- два резюме (на русском и английском) в формате Word,
- Ваши ожидания по зарплате,
- приблизительный срок Вашего возможного выхода на работу,
- место Вашего нынешнего фактического местоположения.

Огромное спасибо за понимание, и, надеюсь, мы сможем быть полезны друг другу )

С уважением, Юлия.

E-mail: yuloby@gmail.com

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