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Completion System Database Administrator/Engineer

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Направления деятельности:

Инжиниринг, Аудит и контроль качества

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Вахтовый метод, Амурская область
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Completion System Database Administrator/Engineer

• College Engineering Graduate
• Minimum 15 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas project, specially the LNG or Gas Plant projects.
• Experience in the Mechanical Completion, Commissioning, Hand over, Start-up and Operation of the project.
• Knowledgeable and able to read multi-discipline engineering drawings and equipment identification.
• Knowledgeable on the document requirements from Construction, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Final Handover, and Start-Up of the project.
• Knowledge on setting-up the check sheets (A, B and C) with bookmark codes for different phases of the project.
• Knowledgeable on the punch list procedure and implementation.
• Knowledgeable on the schedules, settings and execution of the Preservation and Maintenance.
• Knowledge on incorporating data from Primavera and exporting progress report from WinPCS to the planner.
• Knowledgeable on SQL database and structures of WinPCS.
• Knowledgeable on WinPCS configuration and LCX programming codes.
• Knowledgeable on developing or expanding the WinPCS software.
• Other skills, WinPCS Web reports, skills on HTML, Dynamic HTML, VB script or Java script.
• Proficient in Microsoft office applications.

• Reporting to Commissioning and/or Completion Manager
• Responsible for the configuration of the (CMS) Completion Management System Database or WinPCS software.
• Gathering of engineering data and mark-up drawings from different discipline group for review.
• Ensure all required Engineering, Construction & Commissioning data are populated in the system completion database such as;
• Commissioning Activities: System, Sub-System definitions, Mark-up drawings (P&ID’s, SLD’s, Diagrams), Test Completions Package (TCP’s), Loop Folders & Priority System; Templates of Check Sheets B & C, Preservation, Commissioning, Management of Change (MOC) and Completion Turn-Over Certificates; System Completion Database Hierarchies as per Hand-Over Plan and Priority System requirement;
• Engineering Activities: Equipment index tags Electrical, Instrument, Telecommunication, HVAC, Mechanical & Piping; All none mark-up drawings &, As-built; Design Change Notice (DCN);
• Construction Activities: Installation packages or Work packages; A sheets templates & Preservation Sheets.
• Planning Schedules: Alignment of schedule supplied by the Planning Department for the Mechanical Completion of Subsystems and Systems (Plan Date Start/End); Supply system/subsystem mechanical completion progress reports for uploading to Primavera software.
• Ensure all Engineering equipment tags are allocated in the right sub-system according to system and subsystem boundaries.
• Review and identify equipment tags for each discipline and the following to be checked:
Reference drawing number, unit, area or location, equipment function codes and correct description.
Mechanical Completion for Constructions "A" sheets.
System & Subsystem Completion for Pre-Commissioning Check sheets "B" specially the Loop check.
Ready for Start-up (RFSU) “C” sheets - Turn-Over to start-up;
• All approved punch items (raised, cleared & verified) has been loaded to System Completions Database with proper documentation thru Punch List Form and Change Notification (CN) approved by authorized person as part of traceability as well as required for the project completion.
• All completed punch items must be signed in the punch list liquidation ticket and status has been signed-off.
• Ensure company policies, procedures and guidelines are followed such as; Safety, ITP’s, PMT, Vendor Docs, Construction, Completion, Commissioning, Start-up package as required for the Turn-over before operation.
• Gather various types of packages (test), pre-commissioning, commissioning, completion & handover design (drawings, Tie-ins, check sheets, Mechanical Dossiers & TCP’s, DCN's, RFI's, TQ's, LUN), construction, as-built and H&S files to unite utilities standards;
• Coordinate with the following leads:
• Constructions Leads (Contractors and Sub-contractors); To discuss status of the ITP’s, check sheets, and preservation; Provide company representation for monitoring, coordinating, & progress areas of concern;
• Engineering Leads: To discuss issues regarding tags, drawing revisions, colored mark-up, as-built, design change & other documents related to completions; Ensure all data (Intools, Cable schedule, Telecom Schedule, Heat Tracing, Mechanical, Electrical equipment & Piping Test Packs) are updated in the CMS.
• Commissioning or MC Lead: To discuss status of the Critical Schedule & Priority System/Subsystem; To discuss issues regarding system boundaries (P & ID’s, SLD, Diagrams, As-Built), Design Change (DCN), TCP’s & System Turn-Over completions;
• Ensure all Check sheets (A, B & C’s) & Punch items that has been completed with signed-off/approved by the contractors and authorized discipline engineers from PMT side as per completions required.
• All changes are reviewed and approved by authorized person for traceability and part of the Test Completion Packages (TCP’s);
• Ensure all completed check sheets and certificates have scan copy and signed-off as completed in the CMS.
• Issue various certificates as per the System/Subsystem requirement.
• Ensure the CMS information are aligned with the Completion Packages.
• Prepare and issue various types of system completion status report as per schedule.
• Ensure all related document have links or references such as colored mark-up drawings, As Built drawings, ITRs, engineering datasheets, queries, source data, Purchase Order (if required), vendor documents to the tags or records are available for auditing, exporting of data and hand over to the operation group.
• Ensure LCX functions are working on all WinPCS essential operations such as book marks, ITRs, certificates, punch list, reports and other required documents.
• Assist with construction or commissioning of planned maintenance system.
• Provide progress data report to the planners (for Primavera Software), if needed.
• Make sure proper back-up of the database has been utilized on daily and weekly basis for recovery purposes.

• International company, work conditions according to Russian labor legislation
• Salary: 130000-150000 rub (net)
• 5-day working week
• Location: Svobodniy (Amursky region)

E-mail: mp1@kbspb.com

Телефон: +7 981 772 37 08

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