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Analysers & Environment specialist

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Analysers & Environment specialist

Higher technical education in the specialty: Automated process control systems
Experience not less than 3 years of pre-commissioning of analyser house and analysers, knowledge of analyser system & ADAS, principle of various type of analysers. Knowledge of Polyethylene reaction gas chromatograph systems appreciated
Fluent English

Support and Assistance to the Owner for the installation, preservation if required, site acceptance test (SAT), pre-commissioning of analyser equipment in Process areas.
Providing Client and project team support and advice when necessary when setting up, testing and commissioning up to 150 chemical analyzers and about 20 chromatographs.
Assessment of the analyzers ' functioning for the analysis of chemical emissions and their compliance with the environmental standards of the Russian Federation.
Coordination, together with Owner, of analyser vendor;
Assistance to construction to complete required installation for analyser;
Interface with other discipline such as electrical for power supply, piping for utility connection, civil for analyser house / shelter installation and so on;
Technical clarification with Client, field engineering and home office as required;
Trouble shooting of analyser related item;
Advise for the planning of schedule for overall analyser activities and verify execution as per schedule;
To provide support to conduct SAT;
To provide expertise for analyser related punch items.

Location - Tobolsk
Official employment, temporary contract
Shuttle bus at Site
Accommodation for non-residents is provided

E-mail: maria.semenova@kbsbp.com

Телефон: 89111696194

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