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Maintenance Planner for Saudi Arabia

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за пределами России
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Location: Saudi Arabia

- Supervises all Maintenance Planners in the Division.
- Consolidates weekly, monthly and yearly monitoring charts prepared by all Maintenance Planners into a Divisional Summary.
- Identifies all materials, tools, equipment, and special preparations required for each job step. Must have a good knowledge of Materials System in SAP, including use of the SAMS Catalog, requisitioning of SAMS stock items and Direct Charge materials #9COMs#, use of surplus materials, returning surplus and excess materials to the Storehouse and all related SCMM Procedures. Ensures that materials are on-site prior to scheduling the job. Ensures that surplus and excess materials are returned to the proper materials handling personnel for eventual return to the Storehouse.
- Provides the foremen with a completed package for successful execution of maintenance work at minimum cost.
- Prepares regular and special analyses of manpower and backlog data for the Superintendent and recommends allocation of manpower resources to maintain the highest possible activity levels in the Division while meeting Maintenance Goals.
- Reviews the Whole Job Standards (WJSs) developed by Divisional Maintenance Planners and by other outside Maintenance Planners for completeness, accuracy and applicability to the Division's needs.
- Revises those WJSs needing changes, and maintains an index of WJSs for the Division.
- Is the Divisional expert in the proper application of the Aramco Maintenance Work Control System and applicable Computerized Maintenance System data files. The incumbent conducts periodic refresher training for all personnel with the use of these systems, and for all Trainees who have been assigned to maintenance planning.
- Coordinates with counterparts in other Divisions and with the Maintenance Systems Division to keep current with latest systems developments and to provide the Division's input to the Corporate policy-making process.
- Monitors, maintains and evaluates maintenance performance and activities for the Division, utilizing data provided by the Maintenance Planners.
- Recommends corrective actions based on the indicators and coordinates productivity studies within the Division.
- Tracks manpower backlog trends and recommends strategies to balance overall manpower requirements.
- Recommends contracting action for supplementary manpower as deemed necessary.
- Attends coordination meetings to help formulate maintenance policies in his area of expertise.
- Ensures that materials are received prior to scheduling the job.
- Daily review of all released maintenance orders material reservations ,committed materials and performs MIGO_GI prior to scheduling the work.
- Checks, received, store materials and issue to craftsmen assigned for Orders on daily schedule work.
- Request crane/trailer and ensures contracts readiness or other resources required on the daily scheduled jobs.
- Lists, edits and checks all issued minor maintenance tickets (MMT) and plans/schedules work.
- Plans major jobs with the assistance & directions of senior planner.
- Attends meeting & responsible for making the weekly and the daily work schedules.
- Updates maintenance order statuses as to whether jobs are workable or unworkable, percent completion, estimated completion date, reasons for delay and all other pertinent information.
- Generates SAP reports or BW maintenance reports for performance or tracking analysis.

A solid field experience as a Turnaround Primavera Planner in different hydrocarbon processing units. Candidate must be able to provide young workers with the latest industrial practices to conduct safe and reliable maintenance activities.
- At least 10 years of experience (experience in more than one major craft is desirable)
- Must be thoroughly acquainted with the maintenance work of a division.
- Possess a good working knowledge of Critical Path Scheduling.
- Must be a recognized expert in Maintenance Work Control procedure and the use Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (SAP Plant Maintenance Module).
- Must have a good working knowledge of Materials System on SAP, including use of the SAMS Catalog, requisitioning of SAMS stock items, requisitioning of Direct Charge materials, use of surplus materials and procedures for returning surplus and excess materials to the Storehouse.

Company offers:
- Permanent employment with eirther single or family status
- Attractive salary plus full benefits package (schools for children/ medical/ insurance/ accommodation/ tickets)

E-mail: jobinczech@mail.ru

Телефон: +380502348614
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