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Aphanas Energissimo

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за пределами России
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Position Qualifications
• High School Diploma or equivalent
English fluent
• Valid Well Control Certificate
• Minimum 1 year experience as a Driller with ZJ50
• Completion of all Driller training requirements Essential Functions Drilling Operations
• Complete orientation process and be familiar with safety policies and procedures
• Perform all duties assigned during drilling, work over and completion operations
• Ensure operations proceed in a safe manner, and correct or notify responsible person of any unsafe acts and/or conditions
• Participate in pre-tour, post tour, special operations and weekly safety meetings
• Control operations, depending on drilling efficiency, and formations • Make trips as necessary to change bits, tools, and drill string length
• Report any unusual occurrences such as rate of penetration, mud weight, loss of circulation or other changes in hole condition
• Conduct regular shut-in drills with all members of the drill crew
• Recognize pressure problems with the hole
• Line up choke manifold and stand pipe
• Recognize kicks, shut the well in and circulate out
• Responsible for slipping and cutting drill line
• String up and string down the block
• Assist service personnel and coordinate drill crew during operations
• Maintain a continuous log on the well's history
• Direct and supervise the drill crew depending on the operations
• Ensure all work in a safe manner and with proper safety equipment Maintenance and Repair
• Maintain good housekeeping on the drill floor at all times
• Maintain upkeep of tongs, rotary, draw works and other drill floor equipment
• Maintain drill floor inventory control of chains, rope, and other rig supplies
• Supervise the preventative maintenance program for drilling equipment and accessories on the rig floor

E-mail: energissimo@aphanas.com

Телефон: +7 982 5436 276

№ вакансии: 28239

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