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Electrical Supervisor

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Направления деятельности:

Супервайзинг / контроль за процессом

Регионы работы:

Вахтовый метод


This position is based in Russia. Activities:

• Control of the project construction of electrical project Construction
• Oversees the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of electrical power lines and systems.
• Take part in the Pre-commissioning campaign which implies dealing with : loop testing, loop checking and calibration
• Oversees the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of transmission and substation facilities.
• Oversees all other operations in the department including the approval and review of contracts; investigation of complaints; purchase and replacement of equipment, tools, and other inventory; purchasing of departmental items; development of a departmental budget and monitoring of expenditures; monitoring of electric needs.
• Ensures adherence to established safety standards at job sites.
• Must be thoroughly versed in preparing working sketches and detail drawings, reading and comprehending “construction and assembly drawings” and be able to prepare effective work plans based on written data. Prepare comprehensive written work plans, detailed project outlines and progress schedules with cost estimates.
• Designs electrical systems for installation in new additions and system extensions.
• Plans and designs system improvements and extensions, including but not limited to the servicing of new additions and other new extensions.

Context and environment:

• Rotation 11w x 2w

Qualifications and Experience required:

Graduate engineer with minimum 6 years experience in the energy industry.
English is a plus
Fluent Russian is mandatory.
Good communication skills, able to work in a multicultural environment.

E-mail: n.prokhorova@anotech.fr

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