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DD Field Engineer

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Position: DD Field Engineer
DD Service Description:
•Provides on-site supervision of the Directional Drilling (DD) process including projection of well path to pre-determined target coordinates.
•Advises client on Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) selection and all aspects of Directional Drilling performance.
•Ensures well profile plots are up-to-date and provide client representative with directional survey data
•Fully conversant with client’s requirements regarding well clearance, proximity and surveying procedures.
•Ensure that the Directional Drilling aspects of the well being drilled comply with client’s approved drilling program.
•Ensures that all company equipment for use in the directional portion of the work is inspected when delivered to the work site to check that the correct number, configuration, connections, crossovers, parts, spares and documentation are present and correct to satisfy the work scope.
•Interfaces with the Measurement While Drilling (MWD) engineer to ensure BHA compatibility, planned operating parameters are within specification and correct tool face references are applied.
•Responsible for maintaining records of all Directional Drilling equipment at well site including dimensional data and condition.
•Where required, responsible for submitting an accurate daily cost for the Directional Drilling Services.
•Fosters teamwork among all personnel involved in the performance of the service.
•Assures that adequate supplies and equipment are present at well site at all times.
• Experience with Mud Motor, Rotary Steerable System;
• Past offshore experience.
• HSE certificates according to the position;
• English language.
• Rotation work with competitive day rate on contract basis

E-mail: hr@aenergissimo.com

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