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Инженер 1 категории (по контрактам)

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Добыча сырья и производство

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Сахалин и курильские острова
Вакансии Citilink


Contracts Engineer (Инженер 1 категории)
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Sakhalin 2 project)

Employee’s Responsibilities:
1) Analyse CP demands and planning
• Responsible for analysis of historic spend data by category and vendor
• Responsible for the identification and planning of the replacement of current service contracts and agreements.
• Accountable for planning work and ensuring use of allocated or called off resources are optimized to meet portfolio plans.
2) C&P Process Ownership
• Responsible for ensuring compliance with established process through review of execution.
• Responsible for the development and implementation of CP process improvements.
3) Contract Data Management
• Responsible for filing and maintaining of all contractual documentation (i.e. Contract Requisitions, minutes of the meetings, correspondence, pre-qualification information, bidders nominations, Invitation to Tender, clarifications and associated correspondence, bids, bid opening sheets, copies of contractual documentation, novations and variations, Approval Routing Sheets, evaluation summaries, appointment letters, bank and parent company guarantees, close-out certificates, etc.).
• Responsible to maintain portfolio of contracts / procurement information in Omnicom and SAP including introduction and timely updates of respective data.
4) Tender Management
• Responsible for coordination of pre-qualification and bidders list composition, issue of Invitation to Tender, clarifications, commercial evaluation.
• Responsible for the preparation of Tender Board presentations (strategy, bid list, approval, commercial overview etc.)
• Responsible for advising customers on issues such as:
- Company policies
- Strategy (i.e. single source vs. competitive bid, prequalification of vendors, registration etc.)
- Commercial advise (i.e. incentives, penalties, payment terms etc.)
- Tender documentation (standard & commercial)
- Correspondence with bidders (focal point for all correspondence)
- Negotiations / clarification meetings
a. Executing On Line Bids
• Responsible for ensuring applicable insurances, parent and bank guarantees are in place.
• Responsible for documenting all negotiations with bidders and filing of applicable records.
5) Prepare Contract
• Responsible for the preparation, authorization and release of contracts and Purchase Orders in SAP.
• Responsible for correct Contract and Purchase Order composition and approval routing cycle completion.
• Responsible for the delivery of contract and purchase order documentation to the vendor, receipt of signed originals and filing in accordance with archiving procedures.
6) Conduct Strategy Reviews
• Participate in the review of contract / purchase order strategies and value drivers
• Participate in the review of commercial performance and achievements of value drivers
• Participate in identifying improvement opportunities
7) Post Contract and Purchase Order Support
• Responsible for portfolio VTC presentation, TB annual review and ACV increase presentations, updates in SAP / Omnicom, filing of all documentation in line with CPPM and advise on claims / dispute.
• Responsible for portfolio progress reporting and contract closeout, application of VD’s and penalties.
• Responsible for coordinating unplanned / rush material deliveries with internal / external logistics
• Responsible for the management of penalties and milestone payments, in conjunction with vendor meetings and vendor monitoring / analysis.
• Responsible for providing feedback to supervisors and customers.
• Responsible for documenting all negotiations with contractor and filing of applicable records.
• Responsible to liaise with filing / archives for completed folders.
8) Management of Procurement (specific) Activities.
• Responsible for the identification and screening of purchase requisitions to ensure data is relevant and complete.
• Responsible for the issue of RFQ’s requesting technical and commercial bids, including the necessary / relevant terms and conditions of purchase.
• Responsible for the analysis of commercial bids from vendors.
• Responsible for negotiating with vendors as appropriate, and consulting with customers.
• Responsible for issuing purchase orders.
• Responsible for (post purchase order) expediting of material delivery, clarifications with vendors and customers, coordination of unplanned / rush deliveries and close out.
• Responsible for the management of penalties / incentives, and claims settlement.
9) Promote and Develop Russian Content
• Responsible to liaise with Russian Content department and Vendor Management team to ensure opportunities to work with Russian contractors and suppliers are fully considered.
• Responsible to work with customers and RC department in the development and update of the Russian Content Targeting – 5-year plan.
• Responsible for advertising contracting and supply opportunities.
• Responsible for the development of contracting and procurement strategies which maximize RC.
10) HSE Management
• Accountable for promoting safety awareness among Supply Chain and Contractor staff aimed at zero accident rate.
• Responsible to ensure all contracts and purchase orders are awarded with full consideration of HSE risk in connection with the services and material being provided, and that the terms and conditions address / mitigate risk as appropriate.
• Responsible to ensure training and support is provided to contractors and suppliers to ensure HSE guidelines are met.
b. Responsible for managing HSE reviews with contractors as and when considered appropriate.
11) Responsible for coaching, mentoring and supporting junior CP staff in the CP process implementation and resolving contractual issues.

Professional Skills and Competences:
- Higher professional education in Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Finance, Accounting, Law, Economics, or Business Administration.
- Additional training or professional qualification in contracting and procurement is a preference.

Demonstrable understanding of financial, commercial and technical controls in both the tendering process and contract management, with a thorough understanding of commercial law.
-Fluency in English as a contract language.
-Excellent communication skills, negotiation skills, and interpersonal skills.

The minimal previous work experience under the speciality shall be 5 years.

Конкурентоспособная заработная плата
Медицинская страховка для сотрудника и членов семьи, страхование жизни; медицинские препараты.
Оплачивается проживание, предоставление квартир,
Помощь в переселении
Компенсация за переезд
Питание, оплачиваемое компанией
Транспорт: по населенному пункту на корпоративном автобусе
Парковка: бесплатная для сотрудников компании

E-mail: irina@citi.ru

Телефон: 8 916 464 07 00

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