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QA/QC Engineer

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Бурение, Геология и геофизика, Геологоразведка, Добыча сырья и производство, Инженерно-технический персонал ИТР, Инжиниринг, Научные работники, Супервайзинг / контроль за процессом

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Вахтовый метод
Вакансии Brunel


The Well engineering QA/QC Engineer will be tasked to follow up on equipment failures and or deficient deliveries of equipment to the Well Engineering operations. The deficiencies are not limited to SPD directly purchased equipment but can include equipment on loan, hire or lease to company operations. Investigation close out reports shall be presented to the WE manager. The driving purpose will be to improve the quality of supplies, improve our relationship with vendors and improve vendors quality manufacturing programme. The ISO 9000 systems are not widely used in the Russian environment which makes the task challenging to feed back improvement and failures to suppliers.
Competencies: QA/QC manager will require a broad knowledge of the Quality management system. Possess good general engineering skills and principles. It is obvious that there will be voids in the knowledge of well engineering tools and equipment, but a self learning attitude is required to find out the purpose, function and installation practices of the various pieces of equipment used.
Reporting to the Senior Well Services and Senior Drilling Engineers and accountable for a thorough investigation and proper close out reports on all Well Engineering failures as prioritized by the WE management team.
The failure data base shall be used to follow trends and target suppliers for detailed investigations.
Communicate all failures immediately back to the vendors. Keep data base on the responses.
Coordinate findings so they are incorporated in new buying descriptions.
Initiate, witness and report strip down sessions of failed equipment.
Ensure failed equipment is retained and stored undisturbed for inspection.
Maintain exemplary safety standards for field and factory visits. Walk the talk and show by example.
Tasks for 2007.
Investigate/audit the Quality Assurance control and Quality manufacturing process in Master packer factory and report on compliance.
Assist and report on the tubing refurbishment programme.
Assist and advise in the QA/QC programme and sorting of used company well head and X’mas tree equipment.
Investigate the drillpipe failures on all drilling rigs employed , devise improved inspection techniques for the failure area’s and incorporate findings in a revised buying recommendation.
Assist in immediate failure analyses as and when they appear.


Experience 3-5 years in QA/QC;
Russian citizenship, 25-45 age;
High education;
Good english;
Rotation 28/28 days in Tyumen region.

E-mail: pavel@brunelcr.ru

Телефон: +7(495)789-88-58

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