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Well Testing and Completion Engineer

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Вакансии Anotech


Anotech ENERGY is an engineering consulting company with more than 550 employees, specialized in the field of oil and gas. We are the partner of major players in the oil and gas industry and energy sector. Anotech ENERGY is a subsidiary that belongs to Alten S.A which is a French Engineering consulting group that counts over 15 000 employees in 18 countries.

This position is based in the Moscow, Russia. The Well Testing and Completion Engineer will be involved in a major Oil & Gas operator’s project.


• Modeling completion performance of gas and oil wells from the reservoir through to the wing valves on the tree,

• Operations planning and work program/procedure generation including risk assessment and peer review, where required.

• Performing a simulation and design of sand control solutions (gravel pack, screens, slotter and perforated liners, etc);

• Optimizing completion and work over designs and operations;

• Designing completions for horizontal and multilateral gas and oil wells;

• Determining primary and remedial cementing procedures along with the design and installation of tubulars, packers, subsurface control and surveillance equipment;

• Evaluating and selecting appropriate equipment to achieve completion objectives (including materials to manage CO2, H2S and erosion);

• Designing through tubing/concentric workovers and intelligent completions;

• Prepare tubular design to meet pore pressures and frac gradients,

• Preparing cost estimates & risk in terms of probability and potential remedies.

• Participate in the well design to ensure quality of completions designs and programmes in compliance with the Company policy,

• Work with Drilling operations department to implement the testing & completion programs whilst fostering teamwork between Company disciplines and departments and between Company and Service Providers,

• Follow the company’s compliance system,

• Comply with the company’s HSE requirements

• Performing stimulation technologies (acidizing, fracturing, water shutoff) based on well and reservoir diagnostics;

• Preparation of testing and completion hazard review and risk assessments,

• Assist in tender preparation/evaluation for long lead items,

• Carry out as required service company equipment inspections and evaluation of services,

• Assist in contract negotiations for non-tendered services and equipment,

• Assist in development of any specific safety and environmental documentation.

• Prepare the testing and completions Programs.

• Assist in logistics support where/when required,

• Well budget preparation and cost monitoring,

• Invoice checking where required,

• Assist in resolution of Contractor/Company disputes,

• Work with Institutes and lead all changes in well Testing and Completion design,

• Implement specific engineering programs into the operational well program,

• Work close with operational team on implementation of drilling technical programs,

• Manage sub-contractors for testing and completion related services,

• Operation availability as needed for necessary decision making or operational advice,

• Assist and ensure all documentation for Testing & Completion approval is prepared, submitted and obtained,

• Ensure effective and timely field well cost reporting and control,

• Preparation of lesson learn and comprehensive end of well report generated for each well, making recommendations for improvement,

• Planning of upcoming wells and implement captured lesson learn,

• Attend morning rig call and provide support as required

Context and environment:

• Location: residency in Moscow

Qualifications and Experience required:

Graduate engineer with minimum 7 years experience in the energy industry.
Fluent in English (speaking and writing)
Fluent Russian is mandatory.
Good communication skills, able to work in a multicultural environment.

E-mail: a.larionova@anotech.fr


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