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Permanent inspector (QA/QC Welding) for Anotech ENERGY Russia

Вакансия от 03.02.2015



Направления деятельности:

Оборудование, ремонт/замена, Производство оборудования, Супервайзинг / контроль за процессом

Регионы работы:

Любой город
Вакансии Anotech


Anotech ENERGY is an engineering consulting company with more than 950 employees, specialized in the field of oil and gas. We are the partner of major players in the oil and gas industry and energy sector. Anotech ENERGY is a subsidiary that belongs to Alten S.A which is a French Engineering consulting group that counts over 17 000 employees in 16 countries, 57 by extension.

This position is based in Russia. Permanent inspector (QA/QC Welding) will be involved in a major EPC - contractor.


Permanent inspector shall be an experienced mechanical engineer (or the like), familar with golden rules of safety (QHSE), DIN-EN code, GOST-R, ASME code. russian/english speaker,

Expediting activities :

• Checking of material availability
• progress in fabrication
• progress in documentation.

In case Vendor has also a sub-supplier, permanent inspector shall also perform the same activities as above to check sub-vendor.

Inspection activities and duties:
• Supervision of fabrication of pressure vessels according to Company’s/vendor documents such &AA T-SA 1002, GA and detail drawings, WPS/PQR, Inspection and Test Plan, Welding and Testing Plan, etc.
• Participation in inspections mentioned in "Inspection and Test Plan" ( ITP) , writing inspection reports and sending to Company for info and review of test reports and records and certificates such NDT, PWHT, Hydrostatic pressure test, material certificates, TR-CU certificates, etc.
• In case of NCR ( Non Conformity Report ), inspector shall handle with NCR and communicate such reports with Company.
Context and environment:

• Resident

Qualifications and Experience required:

• Graduate specialist with minimum 5 years experience in the industry.
• Fluent in English (speaking and writing)
• Good communication skills, able to work in a multicultural environment.

E-mail: asenchilo@anotech.fr

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