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2nd Mate

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Супервайзинг / контроль за процессом

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Вахтовый метод


Anotech ENERGY is an engineering consulting company with more than 550 employees, specialized in the field of oil and gas. We are the partner of major players in the oil and gas industry and energy sector. Anotech ENERGY is a subsidiary that belongs to Alten S.A which is a French Engineering consulting group that counts over 15 000 employees in 18 countries.

This position is based in Russia. The 2nd Mate will be involved in a major Oil & Gas EPC project.


• Operate dynamic positioning (DP) equipment;
• Assist with the operation of the ballast control system where applicable.;
• Maintain logbook of all position keeping equipment.
• Assist in maintaining the rig in a stable condition and at the correct draft and trim;
• Ensure all navigation operations are conducted in accordance to Company policies and procedures;
• Set up operational parameters for the DP system - ensure system data is correct;
• Advise the Chief Mate or Master of potential position loss;
• Monitor required engine room alarms and signals and call for assistance prior to problem developing;
• Perform Preventive Maintenance on DP equipment - ensure the system's performance is not degraded by defective sensors;
• Assist with running hydrophones and subsea beacons;
• Ensure that all defects and anomalies are reported to the Chief Mate/Master and relevant department heads. Maintain records of these and ensure they are corrected adequately;
• Perform assigned duties during emergency situations and emergency protection responses as designated on the station bill;
• Assist to prepare Job Safety Analysis for hazardous situations;
• Ensure Company and regulatory requirements for environmental protection are complied with;
• Ensure a high standard of hygiene and housekeeping is maintained onboard the rig;
• Mentor, develop and train crew members to ensure they are competent to work at their next job level. Train the 3rd Mate and ensure that he/she acquires adequate experience on the DP console;
• - Assist in development of annual performance appraisal for the 3rd Mate;
• - Assist in training of crewmembers in fire fighting, safety and deck operations.

Context and environment:

• Rotation 28x28, offshore

Qualifications and Experience required:

• Min 10 years of offshore experience;
• High school diploma or equivalent;
• Must Obtain Valid Unlimited 2nd Mates License;
• Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning courses-preferred;
• Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the drilling unit and basic computer skills. Lifeboatman;
• Certificate Graduate engineer with 2-3 years experience in oil and gas;
• Fluent in English (speaking and writing);
• Fluent Russian is mandatory;
• Good communication skills, able to work in a multicultural environment.

E-mail: i.kharitonenko@anotech.fr

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