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Максима - Консалтинговый центр

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Вакансии Максима - Консалтинговый центр


° Oil and Gas industry – minimum 10 years
(or experience in similar industry)
° 5 years of industrial construction experience required and 5 years of supervision.
° The Civil Site Supervisor will be required to oversee and manage Subcontractors executing various aspects of civil works. Responsible for overseeing co-ordination, progress, quality, answering technical queries and finding technical solutions.
° Enforcing obedience to Safety and Environment regulations, reviewing safety and environment manuals. Ensuring operational readiness off all emergency equipment in the Contractor.
<br /> Responsibilities
° To collaborate with the Director of Construction, in the establishment of the procedures of supervision and control.
° To approve the programs of detail of his speciality presented by the assigned Contractors, from the point of view of the execution.
° To establish the advances of the works which supervision they have assigned.
° To advise the contractors about the interpretation of the documentation emitted by the Engineering.
° To control the works execution to assure that these carry out in agreement with the procedures, drawings and specifications.
° Perform the equipments and systems receptions, together with the supervisors of the manufacturers and involved contractors.
° After assistance the test and proofs, they must collaborate in the confection of the minutes of provisional receipt of equipments teams and facilities.
° To verify the technical qualification of the specialists who intervene in the construction.

E-mail: lgalimova@kc-,axima.ru

Телефон: +7-903-600-25-21

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