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Control Systems IT engineer

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• Ensuring work execution in accordance with HSE rules, MOC rules and Permit to Work rules;
• Implementation of high HSE culture in work performance, ensuring involvement of the HSE competent personnel;
• Effectively deliver guidance to production teams on Process Control Domain (PCD) Information Security awareness matters;
• Ensure that changes to the process control systems are handled in accordance with formal procedures for change management, permit to work, Integrated Asset Planning systems, and in compliance with approved standards, procedures and schedules;
• Ensure that all interfaces between the process control domain network and other networks are clearly defined and documented;
• Ensure all data communication channels and technology selections for data transfers between systems in the process control network and systems in other networks adhere to relevant standards;
• Ensuring ownership of IT equipment, systems and applications in the process control domain including delegations are clearly defined, documented and current;
• Ensure that the necessary registers containing information on all IT equipment and applications in the process control domain have been produced and are maintained;
• Contribution to defect elimination and prevention by participating in failures cause analysis;
• Ensuring information security in process control domain in accordance with the requirements of the corporate regulatory documents, and ensuring fulfilment of these requirements by any operating and maintenance personnel during system operation, maintenance activities, system modification, and use of system documentation;
• Review of performance of PCD maintenance tasks, including software backups creation and storage, anti-virus software update, Microsoft security patches installation and keep maintenance history records in the maintenance management system (SAP) to accurately reflect current status of the preventive maintenance; ensuring that tasks are carried out in a safe, efficient and timely manner;
• Ensuring planning, preparation and performance of preventive maintenance (PM) in SAP to co-ordinate and execute work and ensure history data is entered and maintained; updating and documenting all system and performed work records to accurately reflect current status; use of the maintenance management system to co-ordinate, distribute and execute work and ensure history data is entered and maintained;
• Develop, review and change of PCD maintenance routines and procedures to reflect changes to the systems;
• Conduct of assessment of PCD Security general condition, and participation in audits and supervisory checks performed in the organisation;
• Continuously study information on any latest developments in PCD Security and control systems, hardware, software, methods and strategies of their servicing and modifications, and submit suggestions for the enterprise operation improvement;
• Establishment of qualification requirements for employees of the Company concerning PCD information security;
• Attendance of all mandatory RN and the Company’s training courses and any other approved advanced training.

• Higher professional education in Automation and Process Control Systems or IT;
• Additional trainings in Process Control Systems;
• Additional trainings in Information Technology & Telecom networking systems;
• Minimum 5 years previous work experience in IT and Control and Automation disciplines;
• On expert level:
- practical production skills in HSE;
- proved capability to develop technical requirements/technical assignments, use design documentation;
- proved capability to troubleshoot, analyse and resolve problems with hardware/software and applications;
- proved capability to conduct scheduled activities for PCD maintenance, such as software backups, user account updating, software upgrade installation, replacement of any units requiring periodic replacement;
- practical experience in development of PCD documentation, techniques, procedures and standards, and strategies to enhance efficiency of PCD maintenance processes;
- practical experience in process control network and infrastructure design;
- practical experience in network domain segregation concepts;
- practical experience in services like anti-virus software, system patching, back-up provision, asset inventory management systems, intrusion detection systems and disaster recovery services.
- Knowledge of information security concepts, IT security incident management, escalation and after action review methodologies;
- knowledge of architecture of distributed control systems (DCS) (preferably, Yokogawa Centum CS 3000/VP and Honeywell Experion PKS) and production automation principles;
- knowledge of architecture of ESD systems, fire and gas detection systems; knowledge of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards requirements, methods of implementing protective features of ESD systems, and service methods for such systems, including changes into functional logics, locking and unlocking, protective features testing;
- knowledge of architecture of programmable logic controllers and proved practical experience in maintenance, diagnostics and analysis of faults in the PLC-based integrated systems used in oil and gas sector (in particular, compressor, HVAC, generator MS);
- knowledge of human machine interface implementation;
- theoretical and practical knowledge of operation and design of the most commonly encountered interfaces and protocols used in PCS, including Foundation Fieldbus, HART, Modbus, Ethernet, TCP/IP, OPC Data Access, OPC Alarms and Events;
- knowledge and skills in applying PCD Security and information protection methods;
- knowledge of basic project management principles, project implementation/modification stages, and scope of documentation.
• On the level of practical knowledge and experience:
- experience of work with contractor organisations;
- knowledge of the main approaches in project activity management;
- skills in equipment/material ordering and delivery process management;
- skills in managing PCD Security assurance operations;
- knowledge and experience in oil and gas instrumentation operation;
- knowledge of basic approaches in implementation of process (and their parameters) control systems;
- experience in mentoring and coaching;
- practical experience of work with computerised enterprise/production management systems (SAP or equivalent);
- mandatory skills in efficient communication on all organization levels, knowledge of the requirements and skills of working in a multi-cultural team;
• Knowledge of:
- fundamental operating principles of industrial process systems;
- hydrocarbon production and treatment;
- deliver the business; and production system optimization.
• Spoken and written English.

E-mail: ksenia.orshanskaya@sgs.com

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